Zainab graduated from National College Of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan and soon unleashed her creativity by pursuing her passion for unique and elegant fashion inspired by the beauty of femininity. She felt every woman has the right to elegant dressing provided she is offered with a variety of choices. Ethereal silhouettes meet an architectural elegance in Zainab's collection use of sheer, fluid fabrics and unconventional details evoke a dream like sensibility that is effortlessly suited to the season. Glittering Swarovskis don the contemporary necklines while the flattering silhouette look chic no matter. Zainab is an invitation to join a place where there are no boundaries to what you can achieve. She has always felt the liberty to create. Her multicultural background and exposure led her to work for some International companies where she learnt to perfect the designs and finishing. Her unique designs reflect in a layer of embroidery, shimmering crystals and colorful cutouts. Developing aesthetic knowledge through extensive research and creating relevant modern pieces that celebrate traditional artistry while exploring a vibrant colour palette.

Zainab has classically elegant designs that make a woman look utterly glamorous. If you dont have a normal woman's expectation of walking into a party and you are thinking about an entrance then ZM is your choice.
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